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Will A Custom Web Design Package Benefit My Business?

Whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation, you will have asked the question; will a custom web design package benefit my business?

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Kial Cannon
Kial Cannon
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The quick answer…

If you couldn’t guess it, the answer is YES! A custom web design package will create your own online space that acts as the digital face for your business, inviting 4.66 billion internet users to interact with your product or service 24/7… That’s a lot of potential sales missed out on if you don’t have a respectable website set up.

But!... the answer is not as simple as that, it’s not enough to have a mediocre website when 75% of customers admit to judging a business based on its website, whilst 40% of customers will stop engaging entirely if your site is poorly designed. Online interaction is immediately dictating the success or failure of your business, if you are going to own a site, it is imperative that you have it built professionally.

A successful website should always include:

  • A consistant theme.
  • Clear product & service information.
  • Accessibility for desktop & mobile users.
  • Transparent company information such as contact, location & policy.

Increase your business credibility.

For most customers, the interaction with a company’s website is the first step they make in deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service. Not only does it affect the convenience for the customer, but it gives them a clear idea of what your business does. 88% of online customers won’t return to your website after a bad experience, meaning the quality of your site design and content determines whether or not they will make the purchase. A broken link, glitchy home page or bad page layout will cost you that sale.

Although it seems like everyone and their dog has a website, it does not mean everyone owns a successful one. Having an outdated site does not pass today’s standards, 94% of visitors will not trust a websites with an out-of-date design, meaning your dinosaur website is doing more harm than good.

Having a custom web design that looks beautiful and intuitively guides your customer to a product or service will increase your credibility. Trust is everything in today’s world and having a digital space to showcase your business services, location, contact details and policy will put your customer at ease, persuading them to take that final step to purchasing your product or service.

Below are 5 top ways to make your website more credible:

  • Ensure you have a consistent brand identity across your website.
  • Create an about page that puts a human face to your business.
  • Include transparent consumer policy and contact information.
  • Make an intuitive and clear call to action.
  • Include testimonials or 3rd party trust verifiers.

Your website works for you 24/7.

Anytime, anywhere as long as you have a website you will be found. Your website works for you, passively giving customers the ability to find and learn about your product or service without doing any work. Your digital showroom runs 24/7, and whilst a physical shop must close every day you can continue to trade, with one in 15 online purchases now being made between 12:00 and 06:00 you’ll want to take advantage of this benefit.

Allowing potential customers to have continuous access to your product or service means you will be able to trade and bring in leads whilst you sleep. Pairing this with a signup form, automated ordering system and 24/7 chat bot means you can engage with your customer and never lose a sale to competition.

To make the most of this round the clock availability, you’ll need to correctly display your product or service, provide clear contact information and most importantly design an intuitive “call to action”. This is the user journey, from the moment a customer enters your website you want to guide them through the “what, why and how” of your product and service, then finally entice them to select an action that produces a sale.

5 top ways to make your website work for you:

  • Have an engaging “home hero” that entices your customer to view more.
  • Write engaging content that explains who you are and what you do.
  • Include a signup form to collect customer information.
  • Make your phone number clearly available.
  • Have a strong “call to action” that guides you customers.

Your will increase your profits.

With 4.66 billion internet users, it pays to be available online. Whilst a brick-and-mortar company has a small circle of influence they can sell to, a website will allow you to make sales across the globe, with 21% of retail sales being made online, you do not want to miss out.

30% of customers will not purchase from a business without a website, it goes without saying if your competitor does not have a website and you do, you will benefit from their “would be” customers, why? Because your competitor does not exist online.

Being direct with your website and SEO will create more profit for your business. Maybe you offer a service that is marketed towards a higher end demographic, you can design your website to target customers that have the funds to purchase your high-end product or service. Not only will you bring in more high paying customers, but also decrease the time spent weeding through the customers that cannot afford your product.

Extra ways a website will increase your profit:

  1. Utilise affiliate marketing.
  2. Write a blog or sell a digital product.
  3. Add pay-per-click google advertising to your blogs.
  4. Collect an email list to promote your product or service.

Your website saves valuable time.

A website is like having an employee available on hand 24/7… To explain your service or product to your customers, no longer will you need to trade valuable time on the phone or via email explaining your business, as all you need is a website with some great content on it.

Google analytics allows you to find which demographics are engaging with your content, maybe you initially thought your product was perfect for women aged between 30-40, but after installing a few analytical plugins to your website you now know your product is infact trending with men between 20-30, this information you received (for free!) Has just saved you months possibly years of failed marketing and allows you to re-strategize your sales plan.

The world of automation is here, and you will see many company’s implementing automated chat bots, Q&A sections and forums to solve their customers problems. Before this automated marvel you would have had to read, analyse, and answer all of your customers questions in fear of losing a sale, now you can automate this process allowing you to focus on the tasks that matter.

What Now?

You will either be in the position of needing a new custom web design package or looking to update the existing website you own. Either way, if you don’t act now, you will be missing out on all the benefits a successful website has to offer.

Allow us to assist on your journey to website excellence, whatever stage you’re at. Contact us here to start building your new and improved image or to simply learn more.

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