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At Moetsi, we undertook a transformative journey to revitalize their online presence. Through meticulous website development, we redefined their digital landscape, ensuring seamless navigation and engaging user interaction. This project wasn't just about upgrading technology; it was about crafting an immersive online experience that resonated with their audience.

Our approach focused on blending creativity with functionality, resulting in a dynamic platform that captured the essence of Moetsi's brand. By integrating advanced features and responsive design, we elevated their online presence to new heights, setting the stage for sustained growth and success.

We were absolutely blown away by the incredible work produced by and the professionalism and great attitude exhibited by Legacy Design Agency. They totally turned our site around and were super conscious of creating tons of materials and resources for us to reference post-project completion.

Olenka Jackson
5 star rating

Olenka Jackson

Lead Developer


Website Design







The Problem

During the implementation of the project, Moetsi encountered challenges stemming from outdated website architecture and limited functionality. Their existing platform lacked scalability and failed to effectively showcase their innovative SaaS solutions.

Additionally, navigation issues and slow loading times hindered user experience, leading to high bounce rates. Addressing these issues required a comprehensive overhaul to align their digital presence with their forward-thinking brand identity.

The Solution

We engineered a dynamic website for Moetsi, integrating cutting-edge SaaS functionalities with a sleek design. Our solution streamlined navigation, enhanced user engagement, and optimized performance, resulting in a significant reduction in bounce rates. The revamped platform now effectively reflects Moetsi's innovative brand identity, driving increased traffic and conversions.

  • Dynamic SaaS integration
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Optimized performance

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